5 Must Haves on a Ride

The other day I headed out and I flatted. I thought to myself, “Dangit! I forgot my tire lever.” This resulted in a see-saw battle of using random objects trying to get my clinchers to release and change my tire. As result, I have created a list of the five things that must be present on each cycling ride:  


The ‘Necessary’ Five Things:

These are five things I would not leave at home when heading out the door for a ride.


1) Spare Tube:

Bare necessity. This prevents the call a friend and wait procedure. I always have two kicking around just incase I get that dreaded double flat.


2) Tire Lever:

Taking a tire off with your keys, pens, and everything else I have tried is not very fun. A good tire lever takes up very little space and protects your rim when changing a flat!


3) Rear and Front Lights:

I wouldn’t be caught without a rear and front bike light! Especially at night. I try to ensure that my lights say to cars “Hey Look at me, I am cycling right HERE on the road, please be cautious!”


4) Pump:

Items #1 & #2 are useful without this. Using your lungs doesn’t work… trust me I have tried in desperation before.


5) Water:

After all cycling require energy and expends sweat and potassium. Be sure to hydrate during and after. Your body will thank you.


Now, there are definitely some luxurious, dreamy items I would love to have with me on my bike.


The ‘Dreamy’ Things

1) BYO Bottle Carrier

Soda pops, beers, or classy water this is a fully functional bottle carrier.

Bike Necessities 1


2) A Banana holder

There is nothing better than a banana in the middle of a long ride or a commute! No need to place them in your bags, let your banana rock out in this banana holder.



3) A Bike Planter 

Daisies, dandelions, tulips. The only flower I wouldn’t recommend here is a rose, those thorns would hurt!


4) Commuter Bag

Camera bag, book bag, snack-pak it will truly carry everything and make commuting wonderful!


5) Chalk Trail

Yes this is the truth. You can now leave a chalk trail behind you as you cycle your favorite routes. I cannot even wrap my head around the potential of a Chalk Trail!  


6) A Tool Roll

The last thing you want is to break down and not be able to fix it. This tool roll is pretty fantastic. It tucks right behind your saddle and provides a sophisticated look… not only can you ride your bike you look like you can fix it too!