3 Bicycle Safety Campaigns You Should See

The Los Angeles Police Department recently launched their “LOOK UP!” campaign to increase public awareness about the dangers of texting and driving, which is also a major factor in bicycle safety. Here at Revolights, we decided to compile a list of our favorite campaigns aimed at making the roads safer for cyclists. (There are many others and perhaps we will create an expanded list in the future with your help!) 


1. Beyond the Metal

Beyond the Metal is an incredibly powerful video that humanizes cyclists while showing the fragility of life. Please take a minute and watch this video. 


Beyond the Metal from Sidewayz Films on Vimeo.


2. Dear Motorist 

Revolights was honored to partner on a video released in December called, “Dear Motorist.”The goal of this video was to show that cyclists are more than just an obstacle in the road but rather somebody’s loved one.



3. Look! Save A Life 

Our friend Brendan Lyons started Look! Save a Life | Arizona after an accident landed him in the hospital. Here is his story: 

“On October 4, 2013, my girlfriend Lorena Evans — an ER nurse — and I went for a ride the morning of her birthday and were struck by a distracted driver. Once again I came remarkably close to losing my life…[continue reading]” 


These three campaigns are only a few of many. From a cyclist's perspective, we couldn’t agree more that both cyclists and motorists need to put their phones away and “look up!” What else do you think can be done to improve cycling safety? Please leave a comment and tell us your ideas!