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Any experienced cyclist knows that while you may be biking on city streets, it is still a jungle out there. 


For its many benefits, cycling still has its share of hazards. But bike safety isn't hard to understand. Knowing the dangers and how to protect yourself will allow you to embrace the cycling lifestyle safely. 


Here are some quick numbers about bicycle accidents in the United States:

- 75 percent of bicycle accidents occur in urban areas

- 4 PM to 12 AM: Time period in which most bicycle casualties occur

- 75 percent of bicycle accidents happen at or near road junctions


Most common causes of bicycle accidents:

- Open car doors

- Not being seen: Distracted drivers, poor visibility

- Drivers failing to yield 


Now that you know some of the risks of cycling, it's time to take action. Here are some bike safety tips you should consider before going out on your next ride:


1. Check your equipment

Before your next ride, adjust your seat and check your brakes and wheels. If you have recently been in a cycling collision, use this helpful bike checklist to thoroughly inspect it before getting back on the road.


2. Be alert

Stay focused on the road and watch our for obstacles. Do not listen to music or use your cell phone.


3. Obey traffic laws

Think of yourself as another driver because you are one! Obey traffic signs and lights. Ride with the flow of traffic.


4. Be heard 

Use a bike bell to alert drivers of your location.


5. Be seen

Wear bright, reflective clothing. Use bike lights to maximize your visibility. Revolights has 360 degrees of illumination. And of course, remember to signal! Communication is key.


6. Assert your space

Cycle away from the curb to encourage drivers to give you clearance. As of January 2014, 22 states passed bike safety laws requiring drivers to dive cyclists three feet of clearance when passing.


7. Protect yourself

Always wear a helmet. It is your last line of defense.


Revolights encourages you to always put bike safety first. We want you to enjoy the ride for years to come. For more information, please refer to our bicycle safety guide.








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