Diesels Rolling Coal on People


Diesels Rolling Coal on People


As a form of anti-environmental protest, some truckers have modified their vehicles to purposely spew black smoke. These coal rollers have been seen driving up to pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists and then releasing a cloud of black smoke (also known as Prius Repellent) at them.




Recently, another video went viral of a driver aggressively rolling coal next to a cyclist.  On May 31, 2014 Bryan Larsen was cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway in south Orange County and captured coal rolling road rage on camera.  While cycling, a truck swerved into the bike lane, threw a full Gatorade bottle at Larsen, and then blasted black smoke at him.


However, even though Larsen was the victim of coal rolling, it seems the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) is placing part of the blame on Larsen.  After submitting the video of this incident to the sheriff’s department, the OC Register reported that  Lt. Jeff Hallock of the OCSD said in addition to the “assault and battery charges recommended against the female passenger of the truck, who is suspected of tossing the Gatorade bottle at the bicyclist,” there are also charges “recommended against the bicyclist, who is suspected of using ‘offensive words in public, likely to provoke a violent reaction.’”

This case was submitted to the District Attorney’s Office, returned to the Sheriff’s Department for further investigation, and is now expected to be resubmited to the District Attorney.

Meanwhile, Look! Save A Life, a bicycle safety advocacy organization been raising awareness and trying to help Larsen through an Open Letter to the Orange County Sheriff's Department.  On behalf of cyclists everywhere, Look! Save A Life is “kindly pleading for you to take necessary action to put a stop on these disgusting actions against cyclists. We need a clear message that such disturbing acts will not be tolerated or go unnoticed. Please thoroughly investigate this story to bring those responsible to justice!”



More information on Look! Save a Life here: http://r-evo.biz/1r4aFcp