Introducing the Revolights Curated Collection


We are expanding our store! Coming from the maker community and starting our business from the Kickstarter scene, we want to showcase some of the greatest design products we have come across through our journey.

All the products that we feature in our curated collection have been successful in completing and fulfilling their crowdfunding campaigns, had at least a year of tried and true production and changing the game in their respected space. Just like Revolights, each product comes from small teams of dedicated creators who want to make a difference and each unit is made from small batch runs. Welcome to the home of the future. 

“April showers May bring puddles!” - June

Plume Mudguard is a clever design for a convenient fender that will always have your back. Reminiscent of your favorite 90’s accessory, you can quickly roll out Plume when the streets are wet and retract it safely under your seat when not in use.




Ring-a-ding-dong, Ring-a-ding-ding-ding-dong


We have first access to a fresh new batch of raw Spurcycle bells! The “best damn bell” has the sweetest sound you could ever imagine coming from your handlebars. This is a small batch so make sure to grab yours now before we sell out (again)!

Sorry if that song is stuck in your head!


Bells aren't just for kiddies and clunkers anymore. We built functional innovation and enduring good looks into a bell crafted with precision.