Breaking up is so easy to do...

Breaking up is so easy to do...

...we want to introduce you to the world of Revolights one wheel at a time! We've been asked by many if it was possible to just get a headlight or taillight and now it is a dedicated option in our redesigned store page.

Check it out and get 10% off your next light order with the code "SingledOut" through Sunday May 17th. 

Skyline Headlight

More than a Spotlight

Unlike traditional spotlight style headlights, Revolights patented design creates a spread of light, lighting up the ground as well as elevated objects like street signs. The forward angle is also at a height which will not blind or annoy oncoming traffic.

Legal Headlight

The forward projecting light meets all requirements to be recognized as a legal headlight. The Skyline headlight is the only product on the market that puts as much design into forward projection as it does on side visibility and will ensure you are seen from just about any angle.

Skyline Taillight


 Be More Than a Dot

The Skyline taillight is not your traditional seat mounted blinky. Intelligent rings of powerful LEDs synchronize to your speed to provide unprecedented rear and side visibility + a first of it’s kind smart brake light.

Bicycle Brake Light

We strive to make cycling safety lighting on par with all other road using vehicles, and in our first step have incorporated a one of a kind bicycle brake light feature. By synchronizing with the bicycle’s speed our integrated sensors are able to detect a decrease in speed, triggering our brake light feature which will alert traffic through a series of unique blinks that your bicycle is changing speeds.

 Skyline 360º


The Best Bike Lighting System in the World

The latest version of Revolights offers our distinct wheel lights with new mounting features to make them easy for anyone to install. Smart rings of LEDs that synchronize to your speed to create a legal headlight, functional brake light and true 360º visibility for your bike.