The Best Bike Trails In North America

Lately, nothing but bike trails have been on my mind. I have been looking back on all the places in which I have cycled and researching areas where I want to cycle in the future. I have greatly enjoyed living in and visiting cities that truly embraced cycling as a means of transportation and a way to increase economic impact. There is nothing better than heading out for dinner or going to an event on your bike. 


I have decided to share with you three routes that I absolutely love in North America. If you find yourself in these areas, do yourself a favor and check out these awesome road bike trails. 


Galloping Goose Trail - Victoria, British Columbia


For four years, I lived in Victoria, British Columbia. I was absolutely spoiled by the cycling infrastructure within this city. The Galloping Goose Trail provided endless amounts of well-paved, safe bike trail that could take you from downtown out to the countryside just as quickly as driving a car (in some cases much faster).  The beauty was vast, from seaside to dense forest. This special bike trail would stretch a smile across anyone’s face. The “Goose” is simply a great experience. 


The Route Verte (the Green Route) - Quebec, Canada

Only once have I had the opportunity to ride on the Route Verte. It is an experience I will never forget. A combined network of bike trails, bike lanes, and extremely quiet roads allowed me to travel through Quebec with ease and enjoyment while cycling across Canada. With over 2,500 miles of bikeway, Quebec has truly embraced cycling since the mid 80’s. The route can take you from the most scenic areas of Montreal to Quebec City. You will surely love every piece of the ride and culture as you travel along. 


Indianapolis Cultural Trail 

What I love about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is that it is philanthropy driven. The champions behind it knew Indianapolis did not have money to improve their cycling infrastructure. So instead of just waiting for the money to come in, they raised funds, gained support and achieved a dream in creating a cycling trail that truly embraced culture, arts, and a positive way of living. During fundraising, the trail was not spun as just an infrastructure improvement project but rather a project that improves the quality of life!


To learn more about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail watch this short video - http://vimeo.com/68037407

Where is your favorite place to cycle? Leave a comment below to tell us about it!