Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt : A Campaign On Injury Prevention

© 2014 by Fiona Garden/Grayshon Editions

© 2014 by Fiona Garden/Grayshon Editions


Neil Grayshon is right: Cycling shouldn’t hurt.

Recently, Grayshon published the book, "Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt," a composition of 50 portraits of cyclists who have survived serious biking injuries. The project could be a ground-breaking campaign for injury prevention in the London cyclist community.


© 2014 by Fiona Garden/Grayshon Editions
“There is little more powerful than a image of a injured person, a close up of a wound or the details in a scar," Grayshon said. "Reporting on cycling accidents tends to shy away from the particulars but it is this graphic potency that 'Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt' aims to channel in its call to arms for wide-reaching change to cycling infrastructure in the city.”
"Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt" is not intended to scare cyclists off the road. Rather, it creates a shocking depiction of what it's like to be a cyclist in London. Grayshon said the goal is “to create an environment where the virtues of cycling - for health, the environment, speed or pleasure - can be enjoyed by all without any fear of injury of death.”                                             
Revolights would love to help carry on the legacy of “Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt” in North America. We intend to pull together our own version of this injury prevention campaign to share with Neil and his team in London with the goal of bringing awareness to cycling safety in the United States. If you know of anyone who has been injured while cycling, please forward them this article and ask them to email any photos they may have to wes@revolights.com. Illuminate a Brighter, Safer, Cycling Future.