Unlocking The Potential Of The Night Ride


© Matt Black


As a passionate cyclist, my confidence in cycling on the road has waned over the last six months since losing a friend in a cycling/motorist collision. Revolights has rejuvenated my passion for cycling and taken some of the risk away from the coveted night ride. If you asked me six months ago, I would say this was impossible.
The other day, I was speaking with a fellow cyclist about Revolights and my excitement about them. This individual is a bit stubborn and unaccepting of the new technology. Many points were raised that I believe other cyclists may hold.
  1. His standard strobe light performed the proper job.
  1. He was not going to sacrifice his expensive race wheelset for Revolights.
  1. He believed that if you are going to be hit from the side, by the time the individual sees you, it will still be too late.
Here's my response to his misgivings:

Standard strobe isn't enough

I can understand his concerns but I believe that Revolights are a revolutionary product in cycling safety. 70% of cycling accidents are due to being struck from the side. This means that a standard strobe does not provide the visibility from the side in comparison to Revolights. Revolights are hard to miss when you are traveling in a car. Whether they are in front of you, behind you, or perpendicular to you, you will notice them. One thing is for certain, when riding at night with Revolights, cars grant me far more room because they truly notice me.

Safe race training

As for sacrificing expensive race wheelsets during training, I do believe that race wheels do provide an immense benefit. What is even more important is training safely. And if it means adding under a pound to your bike with Revolights while training, it will only make you stronger come race day.

Unlocking the night ride

What truly excites me is the ability for Revolights to unlock the early morning dark ride and the night ride. Many have stated that they now feel safer cycling at night with Revolights than during the day without them. This will truly provide me the opportunity to move away from the indoor trainer during specific points of the year.
What's keeping you from trying out Revolights? Tell us by commenting below!