Who is this man, dude, or mythical creature?



Who is this man, dude, or mythical creature?

Good Day, my name is Wes Bauer (I am not related to Jack Bauer, or the creator of Bauer equipment, perhaps though, through this blog I may meet them… a boy can dream, right?).


I began cycling at the ripe age of 19. After my father had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer I decided to cycle across Canada to raise funds to support those who were currently battling cancer. Overall I completed the ride in two months, raised over $100,000 and fell in love with cycling. I continued cycling and began competing in triathlons. I have qualified for the Kona World Championships, the 70.3 World Championships, and the National Olympic Distance Championships.  


Over the past year I have had several friends hit and one in particular killed while cycling. This has created a burning desire in me to help make cycling safer. One way I have accomplished this was through the creation of the Dear Motorist Campaign. This initiative allowed cyclists to read open letters to motorists. In Revolights I found a company that is equally passionate about cycling safety, so this ‘gig’ is a natural fit. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and I definitely encourage you to email me any questions or topics you would like to hear about wes@revolights.com.