Adding More Safety Partners to the Revolights Shop!

Best Damn Bell by Spurcycle

Best Damn Bell by Spurcycle

We’re excited to announce Revolights will be the first online store to carry Spurcycle bicycle bells. Spurcycle bells provide powerful sound, are made of premium materials, and are engineered to fit all handlebars.

Spurcycle was founded in 2012 and has since had two successful Kickstarter campaigns. We’re proud to partner with a fellow local small business whose products are also constructed in the United States.

We believe 360º visibility is important but being heard is also a very important addition to all bikes and Spurcycle has created the best damn bike bell out there. They only do small batch runs so if you want one, act fast because we only have a few available!

Spurcycle Bell

Starting at $39 USD



Pinhead Locks + Revolights




Pinhead Locks + Revolights


We pride ourselves in creating a theft resistant product and we are always on the search to make you and your bike safer. A common oversight when locking up is not accounting for wheel theft because even though your bike may be locked, your wheels can still be removed in seconds since they are usually attached with a quick-release device.

With this in mind, we have partnered with Pinhead Locks to provide another layer of security for your wheels and lights. We now offer locks for quick release wheels. Each lock can be opened only with your Pinhead key engraved with your 9-digit key code. Once installed, the locks remain permanently on the bicycle, even when you ride. When you need to remove your wheel, your Pinhead key lets you do this quickly and easily.

Get an exclusive discount on Pinhead with a new purchase of Revolights or if you are already a proud owner of Revolights please contact info@revolights.com and we will pass the deal on to you as well


Pinhead Quick-Release Wheel Locks

Starting at $55 USD