Meet the 26”er


Meet the 26”er

You’ve been asking about them since our first campaign on Kickstarter and we’re finally able to expand the Revolights bike lighting system to be compatible for 26” wheels! We’ve slimmed down the rings now to fit on all 26” road wheels and will be able to accommodate tire widths up to 2.125”.



With this newest addition you will be able to outfit your beach cruisers, touring bikes, e-bikes and mountain bikes as long as they are set up with road slicks. And while we test our lights to the limit, we highly recommend that Revolights are used strictly on paved streets or paths only, they are not intended for rough riding on off-road terrain.

Secure and Easy Installation

With the great success of the Skyline 700c mounting system we will be continueing this method to the 26” version. Each wheel will only need 4 ball-and-socket style brackets and a few screws to put on. We have specifically designed these brackets to fit the wider tires that are typical with 26”/650 style road wheels.

Protecting More Bike Riders


We want to bring the Revolights safety standards to all bikes and with the new 26” addition we are one step closer! Add Skyline 26” to your grocery getter, your bar bike or your Long Haul Trucker and feel safer while in the saddle. Best part of your day will be the night.

Revolights Skyline 26" Preorder

Starting at $105 USD  

Revolights Skyline - 700c

Starting at $109 USD