April showers May bring puddles.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added fellow Kickstarter project, Plume Mudguard, to our curated collection store!

“Plume was originally designed in London, where it really does rain as much as they say. The unpredictable and frequent precipitation, combined with a frustration over existing mudguard options inspired us. We wanted to create a mudguard that would match the bicycle’s timelessness, simplicity and honest engineering.

Like most mudguards, Plume keeps water, chemicals, mud, and everything else that comes with post-rainstorm city streets off your back. Unlike most mudguards, Plume is super thin, and is made from incredibly resilient materials which won’t snap, crack, or bend out of shape. Plume’s minimal design compliments your bicycle, whether it’s protecting your back from street splatter or coiled up out of the way. And it’s really fun to use.

After years of uphill development, Plume’s designers Dan McMahon and Patrick Laing brought a prototype to the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, where thousands of cyclists from around the world showed their support and funded the first production run. Plume has received super positive feedback from riders, and was recently nominated by the Design Museum for the Designs of the Year Award, 2014.”

Plume Mudguards are available here: http://revolights.com/products/plume-mudguard