Siva Cycle Atom

As part of our Curated Collection, we’re excited to add the Atom by Siva Cycle.

“The Atom is a lightweight, highly efficient bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB. The generators mount on most standard bicycle frames in minutes, and the battery packs detach easily to quickly extend your battery life.”

Like Revolights, Siva Cycle also launched on Kickstarter and comes from a small team of dedicated creators who want to make a difference.

“Siva Cycle’s design brain, Aaron Latzke, is an engineer and a born inventor. On a work assignment in Belgium a few years ago, he rode a slew of bicycles with old-style dynamo generators rubbing front wheels to give him waning, unsteady light. “Awesome technology,” he thought, “…in 1950.” So, he set out to create the 21st century bicycle generator for hyper-connected riders.

David Delcourt, Siva Cycle’s other co-founder, has worked his entire career in energy and sustainability, and for all of those years he’s been getting around on two wheels whenever possible. A couple years ago, constantly on the road, working out of coffee shops, and continuously finding himself amongst the throngs looking for spare outlets, he started thinking seriously about inventing new ways of generating on-demand power. His two-wheeled companion was the obvious solution: the bicycle as its own energy grid. And when he told his idea to a mutual friend of he and Aaron's, it was a few short months before Siva Cycle was born.”

 With the Atom, you have the ability of an infinite amount of power. The innovative design allows you to capture all of the energy created by your pedaling and store it in a classy little power plant that will sit on your back wheel.

Having an unlimited power source on your bike provides you the freedom to extend your adventure. The Atom removes all worries of being stranded with a dead phone, an unpowered Garmin or powerless lights.