Revolights - Life After Crowdfunding

Since day one of our life as a company, we have shared with you our ups and downs, you’ve seen us grow and change an industry. We had the chance to open up our doors a little bit wider and give a real personal look at how we’ve made it this far from the original Revolights Kickstarter campaign. 

Our story is the first short documentary of a series that will be leading up to Kickstarted: The Movie which will be coming out later this year. Hope you enjoy getting to know us all a little bit better and stick around because we have big things planned for Revolights.


Revolights - Life After Crowdfunding as seen in Kickstarted, a documentary film about the crowdfunding revolution and doing whatever it takes to fulfill your dream.

This is a short video from Kickstarted, check out the trailer for the full length film here: www.kickstartedmovie.com 


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