‘Fat Guy’ Changes Life By Biking Across America

Article originally appeared on SourceFedBy Andrew Fahey on July 23, 2015


“Big wheels keep on turnin’.”

When Eric Hites of Rhode Island turned 40 this past year, he knew he needed to make a change. He weighed 560 pounds, his marriage was failing, and he was unhappy with his job in the DJ business.

Inspired to lose weight and get his life back on track, he decided to begin a bicycle tour across the United States which he has dubbed “Fat Guy Across America.” On the tour, he will survive solely by sleeping in a tent, and eating merely what others are willing to donate to him.




On his bike ride, he hopes to shed several hundred pounds, gather material for his new book, and inspire others to try and get fit.

He currently wears size 70 pants and wears a size 10XL t-shirt. Though he claims to have always been a bigger person, his weight has nearly doubled since graduating high school at 300 pounds.

Though he had already made a name for himself as the author of “Everybody Loves Ramen,” a cookbook filled with recipes based around the inexpensive ramen noodles loved by college students everywhere, his new mission is to inspire others into making positive changes in their lives.

From The Newport Daily News:

“By completing this ride I hope to encourage others to get up and get moving no matter their weight.”

He claims to have lost 60 pounds in the first two weeks of his ride, and has ridden a total of 90 miles since starting it in Falmouth, Mass.

Those interested in donating to Hites during his bike ride across America, or simply show their support, can visit his website.

From the site:

“With your help I can lose this weight, write this book and prove to the world that we are not fat and lazy, but big and bold and ready to take on the world. “

Gang, stories like these really warm me up inside. There’s something about people going on Forrest Gump style treks across the U.S. that get me pumped up and eager to do something great. I typically wind up going to the gym and walking on the treadmill for an hour, though, so my story is nowhere near as inspiring as our pal Eric Hites.

What do you think about the “Fat Guy Across America?” Are you inspired to make a change in your life? Are you suddenly really in the mood for some ramen? Share your thoughts below!