Revolutionizing Bike Safety

From Kickstarter Project to Award-Winning Product.

We are Award-Winning.

Revolights was originally launched in 2011, and has been revolutionizing bicycle safety ever since. Its innovative design incorporates style, safety, and functionality, and has, among others, earned Core77’s Design Award 2012 for Transportation as well as Men’s Journal Gear of the Year 2013.


After building a series of prototypes, Revolights was launched through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter in September 2011, raising $215,000 and becoming the 7th most funded campaign of 2011. This was followed by a second successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2013, $300,000 in equity investment via Shark Tank in March 2014 and a third sucessful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in December 2015.

WE ARE One of a kind.

The idea for Revolights first came to Kent while he was riding his bike home from graduate school at Stanford when realizing that his helmet mounted headlight was very inefficient at illuminating obstacles. The idea dawned to try and create a better headlight; one that could illuminate more of the road but also make obstacles stand out more clearly through low angle lighting. Being both low to the ground and farthest forward, the wheels were a perfect candidate. Revolights was born.