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Unparalleled Safety

Revolights cast 360 degrees of illumination, making it much easier for others to see the rider.
This improves safety tremendously - most nighttime bike-car collisions are due to inadequate side visibility.
Revolights also throw a uniquely even and wide vertical swath of light, illuminating not only the ground but road signs and elevated obstacles as well.

Unmatched Functionality

Revolights are mounted to the wheels in such a way that they are able to shine past the tire.
In doing so, they create a path-illuminating, legal headlight as well as a smart brake light that senses when you are slowing down.


Revolights have been designed to be a bike rider's loyal companion in all conditions: they are theft- and weather-resistant.

Patented Design

The patented Revolights Bike Lighting System consists of four narrow rings of LEDs, two white and two red, which mount directly to the front
and rear wheels of your bicycle. A fork-mounted magnet and an integrated accelerometer provide speed and orientation data to the rings,
allowing the LEDs to illuminate only when oriented at the front or rear of the bicycle.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy. Four ball-and-socket brackets snap onto your spokes for easy attachement.USB-Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries,
bracket-mounted to the front and rear hub, supply power to the LEDs. Align the ring mounting brackets, screw the Revolights onto place,
and run the wires toward the hub. Install the batteries, align the magnets, and you’re ready to ride!