On the Revolights Bike Lighting Systems (Skyline, Eclipse & Eclipse+)

Products Covered

This warranty policy is only intended for the Revolights Bike Lighting Systems (Skyline, Eclipse & Eclipse+). Products on revolights.com manufactured by other companies (such as, but not limited to, all items in the Curated Collection) are covered under the warranty policies of the respective manufacturer, if applicable.

Limited Warranty

Revolights, Inc. (“Revolights”) warrants to the original owner this Revolights bike lighting system product (the “Product”) against any defects in materials and workmanship and shall provide warranty services and/or replacements during the periods stipulated below, beginning from the date of first purchase to the original owner. If the product is not registered, proof of purchase (such as a copy of the original invoice) is required. For original owners without a valid invoice and users that have not purchased the product from an authorized reseller, the warranty begins from the date the product was shipped from Revolights’ warehouse.

•  The Revolights bike lighting system – one (1) year parts and labor; and
• Any consumables (e.g. batteries, magnets, etc.) included in the original Product – ninety (90) days free replacement.

In addition to the warranty exclusions noted below, this warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear resulting from product use and exposure to the elements, except to the extent that the Product’s intended performance is effected thereby. Replacement or repair of any defective part or Product will not extend the applicable warranty period. In order for this limited warranty to be valid, proof of purchase is required. If any fault or defect with the Product arises, the following steps must be taken:

(i) Notify Revolights of the Product model number, serial number and details of the defect via email to info@revolights.com.

(ii) On receipt of this information, Revolights will provide service data or shipping instructions.

(iii) On receipt of Revolights’ shipping instructions, mail the Product prepaid to Revolights. If the Product is not covered by warranty, an estimate of charges will be furnished by Revolights before any repairs are made. Revolights reserves the right to replace any repairable parts with new or refurbished parts. In no event shall Revolights be held responsible for any other costs, charges, expenses, losses or damages (indirect or otherwise), of any kind whatsoever arising out of a defective Product.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty does not apply to any Product:
(i) that is not installed in compliance with the applicable Product documentation; or
(ii) on which the original identification marks have been removed or modified.

Further, this warranty does not apply to, and Revolights shall not be liable for:
(i) Product resulting from accidental damage (e.g., bicycle accident), negligence or misuse
(ii) any defect in, or failure of, the electrical supply to the Product;
(iii) any defect of, or caused by, parts not supplied by Revolights;
(iv) normal wear and tear resulting from product use and exposure to the elements;
(v) modification, adjustment, repair, disassembly or maintenance performed by any party other than Revolights or its approved subcontractors and retailers; or
(vi) due to any other cause which does not result from a defect in materials and workmanship.

Warranty Disclaimers

This written warranty is the only warranty made with respect to the product. Repair, replacement or other appropriate adjustment as provided under this warranty shall be the sole liability of revolights, and the exclusive remedy available to the original purchaser, with respect to the product.

Revolights shall not be responsible for loss of the product or for other incidental, special or consequential damages or expenses arising from the product, or for labor or other costs due to installation or removal, or costs of repairs by others, or for any other expense not specifically stated above. In no event will revolights’ responsibility exceed the purchase price of the product giving rise to a claim. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, any implied warranties, including that of merchantability or fitness for use or for a particular purpose, are expressly disclaimed. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation and exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty is not transferable, and shall be null and void in the event of any transfer of ownership of the Product.