700c Clincher Road Bike Wheelset - Revolights Inc.

700c Clincher Road Bike Wheelset

Multi-Gear Bicycle Wheels


  • Size: 700c
  • 30mm rim depth
  • Quick-release design
  • Loose-ball free hub
  • 36 spokes
  • Double-walled machined aluminum sidewalls
  • Rear wheel compatible with 8-gear cassette
  • Drilled for Presta valves
  • Tubes, tires and cassette not included (can be added as an option)
  • Eclipse Installation Option

    The wheels are sold as a set. For full 360º visibility, a smart brake light and a legal headlight, we also offer the option of adding our latest model Revolights Eclipse to the wheels for an additional charge. If you select the installation option we'll send you the wheels with Eclipse fully installed. The wheels do not include tubes, tires and a cassette, but these can be added as an option.

    Revolutionizing Bike safety

    The latest version of Revolights offers our distinct wheel lights with new mounting features to make them easy for anyone to install. Smart rings of LEDs that synchronize to your speed to create a legal headlight, functional brake light and true 360º visibility for your bike.