Revolights City Wheels (700c) - Revolights Inc.

Revolights City Wheels (700c)

Bicycle Wheels with Revolights City riveted onto the rim.

Providing Revolights signature 360 degree visibility, integrated brake light, and fully functional headlight, the Revolights Wheels come with Revolights City riveted in to the rim, already installed and ready to go.

City 700c (headlight & tail light), Velocity Deep-v style wheels (City pre-installed), 8-gear cassette or freewheel (single speed), tubes, tires and rim tape.

Revolutionizing Bike safety

The latest version of Revolights offers our distinct wheel lights with new mounting features to make them easy for anyone to install. Smart rings of LEDs that synchronize to your speed to create a legal headlight, functional brake light and true 360º visibility for your bike.