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Eclipse 700c

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Meet Revolights Eclipse

The best bike lighting system in the world just got better.

Unmatched Functionality


    Traditional bike lights focus heavily on forward path illumination, use only a small blinking red light for rear visibility, and provide little to no side visibility. This leaves cyclists vulnerable and drivers straining to see them.

    Our approach to bicycle lighting is different. Eclipse is the only 360º bicycle lighting solution that provides a legal headlight, functional brake light, and unmatched side visibility.


    Unlike traditional spotlight style headlights, Revolights' patented design creates a spread of light, lighting up the ground as well as elevated objects like street signs. The forward angle is also at a height which will not blind or annoy oncoming traffic.

    The forward projecting light meets all requirements to be recognized as a legal headlight. The Skyline headlight is the only product on the market that puts as much design into forward projection as it does on side visibility and will ensure you are seen from just about any angle.


    Most seat-post mounted taillights only provide a point source of light to be seen by road traffic. Revolights on the other hand are able to use the motion of the wheel to create a huge visual footprint while also establishing the rear most boundary of the bicycle.

    We strive to make cycling safety lighting on par with all other road using vehicles, and in our first step have incorporated a one of a kind bicycle brake light feature. By synchronizing with the bicycle’s speed our integrated sensors are able to detect a decrease in speed, triggering our brake light feature the brake light will alert traffic through a series of unique blinks that your bicycle is changing speeds.


    The patented Revolights design consists of four narrow rings of LEDs, two white and two red, which mount directly to the front and rear wheels of your bicycle with the help of four spoke clips per wheel. The lights are powered by a USB-rechargeable battery that snaps directly into the rings.

    Each wheel consists of 24 equally spaced bright LEDs, with 8 on at any given moment. A fork-mounted magnet and an integrated accelerometer provide speed and orientation data to the rings, allowing the LEDs to illuminate only when oriented at the front or rear of the bicycle.

Eclipse, the best Revolights yet

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