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Kryptonite Wheel Locks

Gravity Wheel Locks

The Gravity Line bolts and skewers harness the power of gravity to prevent the removal of wheels - when the bike is upright, the bolts & skewers are locked and can only be unlocked with the bike turned upside down. No special keys required.

  • Easy installation - only requires a 15mm wrench (solid axle) or a 5mm hex key (quick release)
  • Weather protective coating keeps WheelNutz & WheelBoltz from corroding
  • WheelBoltz for quick release available in industry standard skewer lengths of 130mm (front)/150mm (back)
  • WheelNutz for solid axles available in 3/8", M9 and M10 diamaters
  • Lightweight - only 120g per set (WheelBoltz)/80g per set (WheelNutz)

Secure your wheels, smart and easy

Kryptonite's Gravity Line helps you secure your wheels smart and easy - no special keys are required as the locking skewers and nuts utilize gravity to secure your wheels when the bike is upright. They can only be unlocked when the bike is turned on its head - and flipping the bike is not possible if it's locked properly.