Plume Mudguard

  • Description

    Like most mudguards, Plume keeps water, chemicals, mud, and everything else that comes with post-rainstorm city streets off your back. Unlike most mudguards, Plume is super thin, and is made from incredibly resilient materials which won’t snap, crack, or bend out of shape.

  • Specifications
    Fit: Standard seatposts (27.2 - 31.8mm)
    Material: Stainless steel, silicone rubber
    Extras: Doubles as reflector when coiled up


Plume lives under your saddle and can instantly coil away when you don't need it. When the streets are wet, roll it out in an instant and ride on. Plume's got your back. Plus, when coiled up Plume also doubles as a rear reflector for added functionality.


Plume's rubber mount stretches to fit standard seat post sizes, with no need for extra tools, shims or screws. It’s designed to absorb shock, so your Plume won't recoil until you want it to. With it's solid mount it can't be stolen easily and stays on your seat post for whenever you need it.


Plume is made of sprung stainless steel, resistant to rust and corrosion. Its spring is designed to suspend over the rear wheel or recoil quickly. The steel is encased by resilient silicone rubber, protecting you from the sharp edges of the stainless steel, and extending the width of the mudguard to increase its mud shielding capacity.