Revolights: Shark Tank Appearance on Season 4 Episode 21

Before we acquired this website, Revolights was a bike light manufacturer that appeared on Shark Tank and Kickstarter. is now a separate entity and no longer manufactures bike lights. You can Check out our blog to see all the best bike lights made by other companies.

Revolights, an innovative startup that specializes in bicycle lighting systems, made an appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank. The show features aspiring entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, known as “sharks”, in the hopes of securing funding.

Revolights gained national attention for their cutting-edge lighting system, which uses smart LED lights that mount to the wheels of a bicycle. The lights are controlled by a specially designed algorithm that synchronizes them to create a highly visible, 360-degree lighting experience. This helps to increase rider safety, particularly when biking at night or in low-light conditions.

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Revolights founders Kent Frankovich and Adam Pettler made an impressive pitch to the sharks, highlighting the unique features and benefits of their product. The sharks were impressed by the technology and ultimately agreed to invest in the company, helping to fuel Revolights’ growth and continued success.

The Revolights Story

Revolights is a bicycle lighting system that enhances the rider’s visibility and safety. The company was founded in 2011 by Kent Frankovich and Adam Pettler. The duo came up with the idea while cyclocross racing in the dark. They noticed the traditional bike lighting systems were inadequate for night riding and were difficult to install.

revolights shark tank

The Revolights team designed a set of two rings of LED lights that attach to each wheel. They are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and are controlled by a small, handlebar-mounted hub. As the bike moves, the lights create a bright arc of illumination that provides 360-degree visibility. This increases the rider’s visibility to surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

The company initially launched on Kickstarter and raised over $215,000 from nearly 1,500 backers. This allowed them to fund their first production run and bring Revolights to market. The product was an instant hit, winning numerous awards, such as the Popular Science Best of What’s New Award in 2012 and the Red Dot Design Award in 2013.

In 2013, Revolights appeared on Shark Tank, hoping to find an investor that would help take their business to the next level. Frankovich and Pettler eventually received an offer of $150,000 for 30% of their company from investor Mark Cuban. However, the deal fell through due to the complexity of the proposed licensing agreement. Despite this setback, the company continued to thrive and expand globally.

Today, Revolights is a highly regarded company within the bicycling community. The product has been featured in numerous media outlets, including TIME Magazine, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. The team has continued to innovate and improve its product, expanding the line to offer several models ranging from commuter to performance. This has allowed them to cater to a wide range of cyclists and further enhance rider visibility and safety.

Revolights Shark Tank Appearance

Revolights, a company specializing in bicycle lighting systems, gained national exposure when they appeared in season 4, episode 21 of Shark Tank in 2013. The founders, Kent Frankovich and Adam Pettler entered the tank with a valuation of $700,000 for 10% equity in the company.

During the Revolights Shark Tank pitch, the founders explained that Revolights’ lighting system uses LED lights mounted on the wheels of a bicycle to increase rider safety and visibility. The lights are controllable and programmable and make it easier for drivers to determine the distance between the bike and their vehicle.

The sharks were impressed with the product’s potential, leading to a bidding war between the investors. Within minutes, both Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec made an offer of $150,000 for 5% equity, valuing the company at $3 million.

The deal eventually fell apart after negotiations failed over the specific terms of the agreement. However, Revolights was able to leverage its Shark Tank appearance to gain national attention and, ultimately, increase sales.

Following their appearance, the company raised over $1.3 million in a Kickstarter campaign, more than double their initial goal of $200,000. Furthermore, Revolights reported a 300% increase in sales after their Shark Tank episode aired.

Overall, Revolights’ appearance on Shark Tank was a tremendous success that helped put its innovative product on the map and increase brand awareness.

Reaction and Investment

When the Revolights team entered the Tank and presented their innovative bike lighting system, they received mixed reactions from the Sharks. Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec expressed concern over the business model, which relied heavily on online sales. However, both Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban were impressed with the product itself and were willing to consider an investment.

After the Revolights team shared their revenue numbers, Mark Cuban made the first offer of $150,000 for 10% equity. Lori Greiner quickly followed with an offer of $150,000 for 20% equity, emphasizing her experience with consumer products and her belief in the potential for growth.

Despite receiving multiple offers, the Revolights team ultimately declined both deals, citing the high valuation placed on their company and the desire to maintain control over the direction of the business.

While the Sharks may have missed out on investing in Revolights, the appearance on Shark Tank still provided a significant boost for the company. In the days following the episode, Revolights saw a 500% increase in website traffic and a surge in sales.

Overall, the Revolights team demonstrated a clear understanding of its business and a strong vision for its future growth. Despite declining the Sharks’ offers, they were able to capitalize on the exposure provided by the show to achieve success on their own terms.


Offer Equity Shark
$150,000 10% Mark Cuban
$150,000 20% Lori Greiner

Bullet points:

  • Mixed Reactions from Sharks
  • Concerns over the business model
  • Mark Cuban offered $150,000 for 10% equity
  • Lori Greiner offered $150,000 for 20% equity
  • Revolights ultimately declined both deals
  • Appearance on show resulted in 500% increase in website traffic and surge in sales


Since its founding in 2011, Revolights has continuously improved its innovative bicycle lighting system. In particular, the company has focused on enhancing three key features: battery life, durability, and ease-of-use.

Firstly, Revolights has made significant strides in extending the battery life of its lights. When the company first launched, a single battery charge would last approximately four hours. However, through improvements to the system’s power management and battery technology, Revolights can now provide over six hours of continuous lighting on a single charge.

Secondly, Revolights has also taken steps to improve the system’s durability. The original design featured delicate wires that were prone to breakage, but this has now been addressed with a sturdier housing and cabling system. The new design is more rugged and can withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for cyclists who regularly ride in challenging environments.

Finally, Revolights has prioritized ease-of-use as a key component of its product development. The company has worked to streamline the installation process, allowing users to get up and running quickly and easily. In addition, the system is now compatible with a wider range of bikes, thanks to a range of adapters and mounting options that accommodate a variety of frame shapes and sizes.

Overall, Revolights’ commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in a product that is more durable, longer-lasting, and easier to use than ever before. Through these product enhancements, the company has solidified its place as a leader in the bicycle lighting category, and continues to attract a loyal customer base of cycling enthusiasts and commuters alike.

Feature Improvement
Battery Life Improved power management and battery technology leads to over 6 hours of continuous use
Durability Sturdier housing and cabling system created to better withstand tough environments
Ease-of-use Streamlined installation process and designed to be compatible with a wider range of bikes

Growing Popularity

Since Revolights’ debut in 2011, the company has garnered a significant following due to its innovative bicycle lighting system. Over the years, the company’s product has gained traction in the cycling community, with more and more riders expressing interest in the unique design and high-tech features of Revolights.

One of the biggest factors contributing to the growing popularity of Revolights is its appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2013. During the show, the company’s founder, Kent Frankovich, successfully secured an investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. This exposure not only helped fund the company’s growth but also introduced the product to a much wider audience.

Revolights has also made waves in the media, with coverage in major publications such as The New York Times, Wired, and Forbes. The company’s innovative design and commitment to safety have earned accolades and recognition, with the product winning several awards and being included on numerous “best of” lists.

Moreover, Revolights has gained a strong following on social media, with thousands of followers across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The company also posts regularly to its blog, updating fans on new products and company news.

Finally, Revolights has proved popular with cycling enthusiasts, including commuters, competitive riders, and recreational cyclists. Thanks to its innovative design and advanced lighting features, the product has generated significant buzz in the bike community, encouraging more and more riders to embrace the technology and join the Revolights family.

Overall, the growing popularity of Revolights can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the company’s appearance on Shark Tank, media coverage, social media, and support from the cycling community. As Revolights continues to innovate and expand its product line, it is likely that the company’s popularity will only continue to grow.

Revolights in the Media

Revolights, the innovative “next-generation bicycle lighting” system, has captured the attention of various media outlets since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2012. Revolights is an exceptionally bright and more visible lighting solution that enhances bicycle safety on the road, providing a unique blend of style and functionality.

Here are some of the notable media mentions:

  • Discovery Channel featured Revolights in an episode of “Daily Planet” in 2014. The show discussed the features and benefits of the product, highlighting the revolutionary nature of Revolights.
  • Popular Mechanics included Revolights in their list of “Top Ten Bike Accessories for 2015”. The article praised the product’s functionality and design, and described Revolights as “a bike safety product that looks super-cool as well.”
  • CNN recognized Revolights as one of the “Coolest Bike Gadgets” in their 2015 article. The article discussed the product’s patent-pending technology and referred to Revolights as “an innovative bike lighting system that’s as bright as it is cool looking.”
  • The Wall Street Journal featured Revolights in a video review in 2013. The video showcased the features of the product and explained how it could enhance road safety.

The media attention that Revolights has received underscores the product’s unique design and innovative approach to bicycle safety. Revolights continues to be a popular choice for cyclists looking for an effective lighting solution that also enhances the style of their bike.

Expanding Market

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Revolights has experienced an unprecedented level of growth, with a significant increase in sales and customer base. The company’s unique and innovative product has been gaining popularity among cyclists worldwide, driving the expansion of the market for bike lighting and safety equipment.

According to the Revolights team, the demand for their product has been steadily increasing over the years, with sales surging after the Shark Tank appearance. The company has expanded its product line to meet the growing demand, introducing new and improved versions of its signature bike lighting system. This has been especially helpful in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, as they now have access to a wider range of products that suit their diverse needs and preferences.

One of the main drivers of Revolights’ growing market has been its ability to appeal to both serious cyclists and casual riders. Cyclists of all levels have recognized the value of having a high-quality, reliable lighting system on their bikes, and the unique design and functionality of Revolights has set it apart from traditional bike lights. The company has also established partnerships with bike shops and retailers, expanding the availability of its products and increasing its visibility among the cycling community.

In addition, Revolights has been actively promoting bike safety and advocating for the use of proper lighting equipment on bikes. This has helped create a heightened awareness of the need for better bike lighting solutions, especially in urban areas where cycling is becoming increasingly popular. The company has also been conducting research and development to improve its product offerings, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Overall, Revolights has successfully tapped into a niche market and has been steadily expanding its reach and influence. With its commitment to innovation, quality, and safety, the company is poised to continue its growth and to become a leader in the bike lighting and safety industry.

Competition and Differentiation

In the highly competitive world of cycling, it’s not easy for any new product to stand out. Despite this, Revolights, with their innovative bike lighting system, has managed to carve a unique niche for itself. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the competition and differentiation strategies Revolights has used to succeed.


The dominant players in the bike lighting market are the traditional front and rear lights that can be easily attached to any bike. These lights are relatively cheap and easily available in any bike shop. However, the downside of these lights is that they create a tunnel of light that illuminates only the rider’s path and might not be very visible from side angles. This is where Revolights have found their opportunity.

Other companies did exist in the bicycle lighting market who had proposed lighting solutions which attach to the wheel. However, these designs were heavier, pricey and not as efficient as Revolights.


Revolights’ product consists of a string of LED lights that attach to both the front and back wheels of the bicycle to create a captivating and recognizable illumination that’s impossible to miss. Their unique illumination system, which serves both as headlight and taillight, is designed to increase cyclists’ 360-degree visibility while dramatically enhancing their overall riding experience.

Their unique design is easy to install or remove and is rechargeable via USB, making it ideal for commuters and recreational cyclists alike. The lights are incredibly durable and water-resistant, which makes them versatile in all kinds of weather conditions.

One of the unique selling points of Revolights is that it provides a more expansive angle of lighting, which ensures cyclists’ safety irrespective of the time of the day. Revolights together with its smartphone app provides riders the option to customize the lighting pattern to fit their personal style. It makes Revolights a functional and stylish product that stands out from its competitors.

In summary, by providing superior 360-degree illumination, ease of use and installation, customization options, and a sleek design, Revolights has managed to differentiate itself in the bike lighting market and provide a unique and innovative solution for cyclists.

The Future Outlook of Revolights in the aftermath of their appearance on Shark Tank was promising. Having secured a deal with Mark Cuban, the company has gained a valuable investor and partner who can help with distribution and commercialization efforts.

With Cuban’s support, Revolights is poised to increase their brand recognition and sales volume. They plan to expand their product line and enter new markets in the United States and beyond. The company has also expressed interest in developing a smart bike system that utilizes their lighting technology.

Revolights’ innovative approach to bicycle lighting has garnered attention from cycling enthusiasts and safety advocates alike. Their unique design not only enhances visibility for cyclists but also adds a stylish element to the bike. With an increased focus on active transportation and environmental sustainability, there is a growing demand for products that can make cycling safer and more appealing.

According to a survey conducted by the National Safety Council, 33% of bicyclist deaths occur during dawn and dusk hours when visibility is reduced. With Revolights’ products, cyclists can feel safer and more confident on the road.

In addition to their commercial success, Revolights’ appearance on Shark Tank has brought attention to the importance of bicyclist safety. The company’s founder, Kent Frankovich, emphasized the need for more infrastructure and policies that can protect vulnerable road users.

Overall, Revolights’ future outlook looks bright as they continue to innovate and expand their reach. Their product line has the potential to make a significant impact on bicyclist safety and help encourage a healthier and more sustainable mode of transportation.

This is the conclusion of the article regarding Revolights appearance on Shark Tank. It is clear that the company received an incredible boost to its popularity after being featured on the show. The exposure granted by Shark Tank has helped Revolights increase their sales and visibility in the market, and they have managed to maintain a strong presence in the cycling world ever since.

Despite not securing a deal with any of the investors, Revolights has managed to leverage their appearance on the show to raise awareness about their unique product. The brand has since continued to develop innovative and sustainable lighting solutions for cyclists, and they have expanded their product lineup since their Shark Tank appearance.

It is evident that Revolights had already made waves in the cycling industry before their appearance on Shark Tank. However, their experience on the show helped to introduce their brand to a broader audience, and it has since resulted in growth and expansion. Their appearance on Shark Tank highlights the importance of having a unique product that can capture the attention of both investors and consumers, and the power of being showcased on a popular television show.