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Installation Videos

Revolights Skyline Installation

W-Wire Revolight (Revolights City)

Single-Wire Revolight (Revolights City)

Installing the Battery

Attaching the Magnets (Revolights City)


If Revolights are rubbing on forks:

Adjust your Revolights’ lateral alignment. View diagram.

If only the W-Wire Revolight turns on:

Verify the W-Wire to Single-Wire connection. View diagram.

If neither the W-Wire or Single-Wire turns on:

Verify the orientation of the W-Wire to Battery connection.

If Revolights do not create arcs while in motion:

Most likely your Revolights are not registering the magnet. Adjust your Magnet Mount alignment. View diagram.

If Revolights rub against brake pads:

Depending on your setup, you may have to rotate your brake pads.

If any trouble persists:

Contact us at 415.881.7386 or