Ascher Ultra Bright Bike Light Set Review: Top Pick for Riders?

Exploring bike light options? The Ascher bike light set might just be what you need for those dusky evenings or early morning rides. With a bright headlight and taillight included, the set promises clear visibility and better safety on the road.

This light set offers the convenience of USB charging, meaning you can power up the lights without the hassle of replacing batteries. Users appreciate the ease of installation—no tools needed—and the snug fit that the silicone straps provide for any seat post or handlebar.

Ascher Bike Light Set

The four light modes are a hit among cyclists, allowing for quick adjustments according to different lighting conditions. Whether it’s full brightness for complete darkness or blinking modes for attracting attention, it caters to varied needs. Cyclists also note the multifunctionality of this light set, using it for additional outdoor activities beyond cycling.

Bottom Line

The Ascher Ultra Bright bike light set stands as a versatile, user-friendly option for cyclists. With its strong lighting, multiple modes, and easy-to-use design, it’s a solid addition to any cycling kit.

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Overview of the Ascher Bike Light Set

When considering safety and visibility while cycling, the Ascher Bike Light Set ticks a lot of boxes. The lights boast a strong illumination capability that enhances your visibility to others as well as your own line of sight in dark conditions. Four lighting modes allow you to adjust brightness and flashing to your preference, providing versatility whether you’re on a road bike in the city or a mountain bike on trails.

Both the front and back lights are designed for straightforward mounting. The simplicity of attaching and detaching the straps without needing tools underscores its user-friendly nature. Additionally, their USB rechargeability means you can power the lights conveniently, saving you from the hassle of replacing batteries frequently.

This set is not just limited to cycling; its multifunctionality makes it handy for other outdoor activities where a light source is needed. And should you have any concerns, the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction offers a level of assurance in your purchase. Generally, they provide a nice equilibrium between functionality and ease of use for cyclists of all levels.

USB Rechargeable Convenience

Imagine not having to buy batteries again for your bike lights. The convenience of USB charging is a standout feature of this bike light set. Both the front and rear lights come with their own built-in rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for disposable ones. You can plug the lights into any USB port, and they’ll be ready to go for your next ride.

Charging is straightforward and a green choice for the environmentally conscious. While the long battery life means fewer charges, when you do need more juice, connecting to a USB port is quick and hassle-free. The rear light is particularly nifty, with a responsive design that automatically adjusts when you slow down—adding a level of safety and sophistication to your ride.

On the flip side, it’s crucial to remember to charge the lights, as a dead battery won’t do you any good on a night ride. Therefore, you might need to get into the habit of charging them after each use or keep a charging routine. Nevertheless, the ease of use and the distinct advantage of being rechargeable make these lights a practical, eco-friendly accessory for any cyclist.

Four Light Mode Options

When choosing a bike light, flexibility is key, and with this Ascher bike light set, you’ve got options to match every ride. Personalize your visibility with one-touch control that toggles between four light modes. Whether you need full brightness on a poorly-lit road, or a less intense beam for well-lit areas, these lights adapt. For added safety, especially in foggy or twilight conditions, the slow flashing mode makes you hard to miss. And if you’re looking to grab attention in busy traffic, switch to the fast flashing mode. Each setting is designed to provide the right amount of light to keep you safe, without draining your battery unnecessarily. Remember, no matter the mode, staying visible is your ticket to safer rides.

Ease of Installation

Getting the Ascher bike light set up for your night rides couldn’t be simpler. You won’t need to rummage through your toolbox; the lights are designed for a fuss-free experience. The headlight attaches quickly to your handlebar with a secure mounting bracket, ensuring it stays in place over bumps and through dips.

  • Front Headlight: Slips on and tightens without tools using a mounting bracket.
  • Taillight: Features a silicone mount strap with multiple openings, making it adjustable for various seat post sizes.

With four clicks, your bike will be ready to go, boasting a headlight and a taillight that can be adjusted and removed just as easily when it’s time to charge them or for safekeeping. Users have mentioned the straightforward installation process allows for detachment and reattachment without any fuss, whether you’re doing a quick errand or prepping for your daily commute. So, whether you’re gearing up for a trail or a trip around the block, you’re set to light the way effortlessly.

Versatility for Outdoor Activities

When considering a bike light set for your outdoor escapades, the Ascher bike light set proves to be a reliable companion. Whether you’re cycling, hiking, or camping, this set adapts to different environments and needs. With its water-resistant properties rated at IPX4, you don’t have to worry about a sudden drizzle or heavy fog dampening your journey.

Your nighttime rides are secured with the four light modes provided: full brightness for dark trails, half brightness when you need a softer glow, and the flashing modes for being spotted by others from a distance. The ease of installation is a huge plus—you can attach the durable mounting bracket to your bike without any tools and be ready to go in no time.

Recognizing the need for a long-lasting illumination, Ascher has equipped these lights with rechargeable batteries, offering a convenient way to keep them powered up. Imagine the freedom of not having to purchase disposable batteries regularly—it’s not only economical but also Eco-friendly.

While you won’t find any intricate frills attached to this product, its simplicity serves its purpose well, ensuring you remain visible and safe during your outdoor activities. While some may find the headlight switch a tad awkward, this is a minor hiccup in what is generally a very functional item. Overall, this bike light set caters effectively to your need for visibility and safety without overcomplicating matters.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to staying visible on your bike rides, the Ascher Ultra Bright bike light set is a beacon of functionality, whether you’re cycling through a cityscape or traversing a mountain path. Let’s shed some light on what makes this set a bright idea for your cycling needs, as well as areas where it might fall short.


  • USB Rechargeable Batteries: You’ll appreciate the convenience of the built-in rechargeable batteries, saying goodbye to the hassle of frequent purchases or replacements. The headlight and taillight come with a 2000mAh and 330mAh battery, respectively, ample for regular travels.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: With a simple one-touch switch, you can toggle between four light modes, including full brightness, half brightness, and two types of flashing. This flexibility ensures you can adjust your visibility based on the environment and battery life.
  • Ease of Installation: The set is designed for ease, including a handlebar mounting bracket and silicone straps that stretch to fit your bike frame snugly. Tools are rendered unnecessary, making detaching just as straightforward as fastening them for charging.
  • Versatile Use: Not just for biking, these lights can double as handy flashlights for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity that calls for reliable lighting. It’s particularly useful for those unexpected moments when night falls sooner than planned.
  • Customer Support: Ascher’s dedication to customer satisfaction is a noteworthy advantage. Should issues arise, they are keen to offer support and resolve any problems, giving you extra peace of mind with your purchase.


  • Button Accessibility: Some users find the on-button on the headlight slightly awkward to use while riding. This could be a minor inconvenience if you prefer to switch modes on the fly.
  • Attachment Fit: Although flexible, the silicone mount straps may have limitations with certain bike frames or seat posts. It’s worth double-checking compatibility before you commit, to ensure a tight fit and secure installation.
  • Automatic Tail Light Functionality: While the tail light’s auto-brightness and flashing feature when slowing down is innovative, it might not work flawlessly for every cyclist, potentially causing confusion or momentary visibility issues in critical situations.

By weighing these aspects, you’re in a better position to decide if the Ascher Ultra Bright bike light set illuminates your path to a safer and more enjoyable ride. Remember to reflect on your specific needs and use scenarios to make the most informed choice.

Customer Reviews

When you’re planning on cycling, whether it’s for your daily commute or a leisurely ride, it seems that the Ascher Bike Light Set has you covered. It boasts an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of over 26,000 ratings on Amazon, indicating that many cyclists have had positive experiences.

One aspect that consistently receives praise is the ease of installation. Riders appreciate how simple it is to attach or remove the lights from their bikes, making it a practical choice for everyday use. The fact that it’s USB rechargeable is a highlight for many—this feature means you won’t be regularly purchasing batteries, and users report that the battery life is quite enduring.

Brightness is a key factor for safety, and it doesn’t disappoint according to customer feedback. Both the headlight and taillight provide substantial illumination, which is crucial for those early morning rides or darker routes. The additional functionality of the taillight, which automatically adjusts when you slow down, is a detail that hasn’t gone unnoticed for its added convenience.

However, no product is without its critiques. A few users have mentioned that the on button of the headlight can be a bit awkward, which could be a minor inconvenience during your rides. Despite this, the light set’s value, compactness, and waterproof nature are characteristics that seem to have made it a trusted accessory for many cyclists seeking to enhance their visibility and safety.


Navigating the world of bike lights can be overwhelming, but the Ascher Bike Light Set stands out with several benefits for cyclists. The convenience of USB rechargeability means you’re less likely to get caught out with dimming lights, and the long-lasting battery life adds confidence to your rides. Installation and removal are a breeze, ideal for riders of any age or skill level. Its powerful illumination enhances your visibility on the road, enabling a safer riding experience during those early morning or late evening journeys.

While the light set checks many boxes, the design is not without its quirks. Some users find the headlight’s on button a tad awkward, which might take a moment to get used to. However, the automatic feature of the taillight, which responds to your speed, is a clever touch that riders appreciate.

Overall, the lights’ performance and functionality, coupled with their robust construction, offer you peace of mind. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a recreational biker, this Ascher set seems a reliable companion for your cycling adventures, catering to a diverse range of needs without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions about your cycling gear is totally normal, especially when it comes to ensuring your safety during night rides. Here are some commonly asked questions that might help you understand the Ascher bike light set a bit better.

How do I charge the Ascher USB rechargeable bike light set?

To charge your bike light set, simply connect the included Micro-USB cable to the port on each light. You can use any standard USB wall charger or a computer USB port to charge them. The lights have built-in rechargeable batteries, with the front light housing a 2000mAh lithium battery and the rear light having a 330mAh lithium battery. Charging is straightforward and doesn’t require any special adapters.

Where can I find the Ascher bike light set for purchase online?

The Ascher light set can be conveniently found and purchased online through various retailers. One of the most accessible options is Amazon, where the product listing can be viewed at the provided URL. Make sure to check for authenticity and buy from reputable sellers.

What are the advantages of using rechargeable bike lights over traditional ones?

Rechargeable bike lights like the Ascher light set are eco-friendlier and more cost-effective in the long run, as you don’t need to regularly buy batteries. They’re usually brighter and can be charged via USB, which is highly convenient since USB charging ports are widely available.

How bright are the Ascher bike lights compared to other brands on the market?

While it’s difficult to say without direct comparisons, the Ascher bike light set is known to be quite bright. Users often praise the visibility provided by both the headlight and taillight, which feature multiple brightness settings and flashing modes. This set is designed to help you see and be seen, so it’s adept for most night-time cycling needs.

Can I find video reviews and demonstrations of the Ascher bike light set?

Yes, video reviews and demonstrations of the Ascher bike light set are available online. Platforms such as YouTube host a variety of user-generated content where you can see the light set in action. Watching these can provide a good sense of how the lights perform in real-life conditions.

What should I consider when looking for a bike light with sufficient brightness for night cycling?

When you are in the market for a bike light, consider the following:

  • Light Output (Lumens): The brightness of bike lights is typically measured in lumens. Look for a product that provides sufficient illumination for your typical riding conditions.
  • Beam Pattern: Depending on your riding environment, you might prefer a light with a wide beam for better peripheral vision, or a focused beam for distance.
  • Modes: Multiple modes can offer versatility, allowing you to switch between steady light for clarity and flashing modes for increased visibility to others.
  • Battery Life: Ensure the light has enough battery life to last through your rides, and consider how often you have to recharge it.
  • Mounting Options: Look for lights that are easy to install and remove, especially if you plan to charge them frequently or are concerned about theft.

Keep in mind that visibility to others is as important as your ability to see, so both factors should influence your decision.