Cheap vs Expensive Bike Lights

When shopping for bike lights, the primary goal is to find a light that will make you visible in the dark or light your way on a dark path. Bike lights are relatively simple products, so no matter how much money you spend, you are likely to end up with a product that will accomplish those goals.

Cheap vs Expensive Bike Lights

You don’t need a fancy, overly expensive light in order to be able to see in the dark. You could even zip-tie a flashlight to your handlebars in a bind to help you see. This is not a permanent solution and should be used only in an emergency, but it will effectively keep you visible and lighting your way.

If you like name-brand gear and you want a reliable brand to light your way, by all means, spend the money on a nice bike light. Some bike lights connect to your cellphone via Bluetooth, making it easy to control and adjust your light to suit your needs.

Why You Should Have Bike Lights

The importance of bike lights lies in the need to keep yourself safe on the road. No matter where you are riding after dark, you should ensure you have some kind of bike light.

If you are cycling on the road in the bike lane, you are at risk of getting hit by a car even if you have lights on your bike. Keeping lights on your bike will help drivers to see you after dark. It can be challenging to see things like cyclists on the road when you are driving, but if you keep lights on your bike, they are more likely to see you and avoid causing an accident.

If you are cycling through a park or on a trail after dark, you need bike lights to help you see. Riding in conditions that make it difficult to see what is around you is dangerous. You do not want to miss a root or stone on the ground that could send you flying over the handlebars.

The key to your safety when riding your bike after dark is to keep lights on your bike. You can use headlights, tail lights, frame lights, or spoke lights to keep you illuminated in the dark wile riding your bike.

When Should You Use Bike Lights

Bike lights are essential to use if you are cycling after dark. You don’t need to worry about using bike lights to light your way when it is light outside, and it is much easier for cars to see you on the road during the day.

If you take your bike ride in the morning or afternoon, you might not need to worry about mounting lights on your bike. You are at far less risk of getting hit by a car or not seeing something in your way if riding when the sun is out.

However, riders who like to take their bikes out at night should always ride with lights on their bike. You need to be able to see where you are going in the dark when riding your bike. You also need to ensure you are visible to cars passing you on the road in the dark. It would be best if you made an effort to keep yourself safe when cycling at night.

Where to Buy Bike Lights

You can buy bike lights from any sporting goods store. You are going to want to make sure you find bike lights and mounts for your bike lights that suit your needs. You can find bike lights in a variety of different styles.

You can purchase bike headlights, tail, frame, and spoke lights. All of these will help you remain visible and light your way in the dark. You can deck your bike out with these lights or stick to headlights and tail lights.

In addition to sporting goods stores, you can look for lights at Walmart or your local bike shop. An associate at a bike shop is sure to show you the right accessories to meet your needs. If they don’t have what you are looking for, they will at least be able to point you in the right direction.

You can always look online if you cannot find the bike lights at a store near you. Amazon is an excellent option for finding products that are difficult to find in person.

If you look in the right place, you will find the bike lights you need to keep you safe.

Final Thoughts

Bike lights are essential when it comes to remaining safe as a cyclist, especially if you like to ride at night. It might seem important enough to have to spend a lot of money and purchase expensive bike lights, but that might not be necessary.

Bike lights are simple; any brand will do what it’s supposed to do; light your way. If you don’t cycle at night often, you can most certainly get away with purchasing an inexpensive bike light. You just need it to light your way and let cars on the road know where you are.

If you have made it a habit to ride at night, you could consider finding a more expensive bike light. You might enjoy having one that connects to your phone to give you more control over the focus and intensity of light.

You can find a variety of different bike lights at your local sporting goods store, Walmart, or your local bike shop. Simply set your price range and search for bike lights that suit your needs. If you are having a hard time finding bike lights at a store near you, you could always look to the internet. Amazon is a great place to look for things.

Bike lights are a must if you like to cycle in the dark.