Cygolite Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro: Top Safety Pick?

Staying visible on the road is crucial, whether you’re an early morning commuter or a twilight trailblazer. The Cygolite Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150 combo set promises to keep you seen day and night. This pairing boasts features like DayLightning mode to catch the eye in broad daylight and a powerful 800-lumen headlight that pierces through the dark.

Cygolite Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150

The lightweight, water-resistant design means you won’t have to worry about performance in unpredictable weather, and the low battery indicator is a helpful reminder to keep you charged and ready to go. The steady pulse mode is particularly appreciated, as it helps riders maintain visibility while also lighting the path ahead.

Bottom Line

The Cygolite Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150 light set is a solid pick for anyone who takes their biking seriously.

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With exceptional brightness settings and visibility-enhancing modes, you’re well-equipped to stay safe during any ride.

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Cygolite Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150: Illuminate Your Ride

Whether you’re navigating dark trails or busy streets, lighting up your path is essential. The Metro Plus 800 and Hotshot Pro 150 combo becomes your reliable partner, offering a beam that doesn’t just improve visibility but also ensures you’re seen by others, day or night. Both lights come with distinct modes tailored for various conditions—blazing through the night or catching attention in broad daylight.

The Stellar DayLightning mode is specifically designed to make sure you stand out in the sun’s glare, while SteadyPulse mode gives a reassuring pulse to alert nearby traffic. When the power starts to wane, a low battery indicator will hint that it’s time to recharge—no surprises there.

Even during the most adverse riding conditions, the water-resistant build keeps the lights undaunted, consistently lighting your way. And thanks to their compact size, handling and installation via provided mounts is straightforward, making transitions from charging to riding seamless.

Users commend these lights for their endurance and intensity, often comparing their luminosity to car lights, which is reassuring on those pitch-black routes. While some folks had gripes about navigating through various settings, the overall consensus is one of satisfaction, especially with the bright output and sturdy construction—key factors for many dedicated cyclists who have spanned generations of Cygolite products.

Convenient USB Rechargeability

Imagine no more scrambling for batteries before a bike ride. The Metro Plus 800 and Hotshot Pro 150 set includes a micro USB cable that offers a hassle-free charging solution. When juice runs low, an indicator light will remind you to plug in, ensuring you’re never without lights. The convenience extends to the light memory feature, which resumes your last mode used upon turning the lights back on, saving time in setup. Although specifics like exact charging time aren’t mentioned, the USB rechargeability means you can charge these lights from a computer, portable battery, or any USB port you find along your travels. This feature is particularly beneficial for regular commuters who can easily top-up the lights’ battery at work or at home. A long-lasting charge, combined with the light’s water-resistant qualities, underscores the practicality for all types of rides and weather conditions.

Innovative Safety Features

When it comes to staying safe on your rides, having the right lights can make all the difference. With the Cygolite combo set, you have access to both a powerful 800 lumen front light and a 150 lumen rear light, ensuring you’re visible to others, no matter the time of day.

One standout feature is the SteadyPulse mode, which pairs a steady beam with pulsing flashes, enhancing your visibility at night by alerting motorists in a distinctive pattern. During the day, the DayLightning mode emits super bright flashes to catch the attention of drivers, which users have found very effective.

Interestingly, there’s a low battery indicator—a small but critical addition—so you’ll never be caught off-guard with a dead light. Being lightweight and water-resistant adds to their practicality, making them a dependable choice in various weather conditions.

Feedback suggests that some may find it tricky to select the desired setting quickly. Despite this, the combination of day and night safety modes and durable design places these lights as a reliable ally for cyclists. Keeping you illuminated and in control, they are a noteworthy investment in your cycling safety arsenal.

Lightweight and Water-Resistant Design

When considering a light set for your cycling adventures, the heft and how it stands up to the elements are crucial factors. The Cygolite Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150 scores high on both fronts. Despite their robust illumination capabilities, these lights won’t weigh you down. The headlight is comfortable at 150 grams, and the taillight is even lighter, merely tipping the scale at 59 grams.

You’re likely to encounter all sorts of weather while on the road, and these lights are built to handle that. The water-resistant construction means that you won’t have to fret about getting caught in an unexpected downpour. The lights keep functioning, ensuring your visibility and safety are not compromised.

While the design maintains resilience, the lights stay refreshingly agile on your bike. This balance of durability without the bulk is something you’ll appreciate, especially on longer rides. Whether for a commute or an adventurous night ride, this lightweight duo supports your journey without being obstructive or adding unnecessary mass.

Pros and Cons


When considering the Cygolite set for your nighttime rides, you’ll appreciate the robust 800 Lumen headlight paired with a 150 Lumen tail light, making visibility a top priority. They’re USB rechargeable, so you can easily power them up from just about anywhere, fitting nicely into a busy lifestyle.

  • High Visibility: Its powerful brightness ensures you’re seen during both day and night, which can greatly enhance your safety on the road.
  • Various Modes: A considerable range of modes, including SteadyPulse and DayLightning, cater to different lighting conditions and personal preferences.
  • Low Battery Indicator: Never get caught off-guard thanks to the convenient low battery alert, letting you know when it’s time to recharge.
  • Durable Design: The build quality seems reliable, and with water resistance, you’re assured your lights will endure diverse weather conditions.
  • Trusted Brand: Having the backing of a brand that has specialized in bike lights since 1991 adds a layer of trust and assurance in the product.


While this lighting combo brings a lot to the table, no product is without its drawbacks. Users have faced some challenges that may factor into your decision.

  • Battery Life: Some riders have noted the need to charge the battery after every use to ensure it doesn’t start to fade, which could be inconvenient for frequent cyclists.
  • Complex Settings: A handful of users found it tricky to navigate through the various settings, occasionally struggling to select their desired mode efficiently.
  • Charging Issues: There are reports of the tail light not holding a charge over time, indicating a possibility of longevity concerns that might necessitate replacements.

What Customers Say

Exploring the feedback from riders like you, the Cygolite combo set shines with a high satisfaction rate. Many have highlighted the impressive brightness of both the headlight and taillight, ensuring visibility on the road during day and night. The build quality earns praise too, and the long battery life is a significant plus for regular riders, though some mention the need for frequent charging with heavy use.

Some cautious words are shared about the ease of switching between settings, with a few users finding it less intuitive than desired. And there’s the occasional mention of a taillight struggling to hold a charge over time, hinting at some inconsistencies with battery longevity. But, these seem to be more the exception than the rule.

There’s a sense of trust in the brand across the board, with several users equipping all their family bikes with Cygolite lights, indicating a loyalty to the brand’s consistent quality. The lights are often considered life-savers by making you highly visible to other traffic. Overall, this set appears to be a beacon of reliability for cyclists who prioritize safety and visibility.


In wrapping up, you’ve gotten a glimpse into the performance and perception of the Cygolite combo set. The good news is, it seems to have lived up to its promise for many cyclists. Its brightness is a standout feature, shining through with enough power to enhance visibility on the road, which is essential for your safety. Both lights, particularly the tail light, have received praise for their visibility even in daylight conditions, ensuring you’re spotted by vehicles in time.

Battery life is another plus, serving riders well, though it’s recommended to keep them charged to maintain peak performance. Some minor issues have been noted, like the occasional challenge in switching modes, but they’re overshadowed by the overall reliability of the set. Rare cases of battery issues post-purchase do crop up, so it’s something to keep an eye on.

Remember, a light set isn’t just about illumination; it’s about making your presence undeniable on the road. Cygolite has evidently made strides in delivering safety and reliability, but as with any product, it’s wise to weigh these insights against your personal needs before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re considering a new bicycle light set, some questions naturally come to mind. It’s good to do a bit of research to ensure the product meets your cycling needs, whether it’s about battery life, brightness, or even where it’s made. No need to search high and low; we’ve compiled some of the most common queries about the Cygolite Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150 combo set for you right here.

How long does the battery typically last on the Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150 set?

The Metro Plus 800 headlight and Hotshot Pro 150 taillight have different operational times depending on the mode used. Riders have reported that the headlight can last anywhere from an impressive full night of use on lower settings to a few hours on the highest setting. The taillight also offers long-lasting visibility but might need a charge sooner if you’re using the most attention-grabbing modes.

Are 800 lumens sufficient for night-time cycling?

Absolutely! An 800 lumens light like the Metro Plus headlight offers a beam bright enough to not only ensure good visibility for the rider but also makes sure others on the road can see you clearly. Whether you’re on an unlit trail or a busy street, users note that this level of brightness contributes significantly to the safety of night-time cycling.

Can you tell me where Cygolite bicycle lights are manufactured?

Cygolite is proud to be seen as reliable and trusted among the cycling community, especially since they’ve been in the business since 1991. These lights are designed and engineered in the United States, giving you confidence in their quality and the brand’s commitment to cycling safety.

What are some key features of a reliable bicycle headlight?

To be trustworthy on the road, a bicycle headlight should:

  • Provide bright and clear visibility for both the rider and others
  • Offer various modes for different conditions
  • Be built with a sturdy, water-resistant material for all-weather use
  • Include a low battery indicator to avoid unexpected blackouts
  • Be easy to mount and adjust according to your needs

The feedback for the Metro Plus 800 & Hotshot Pro 150 suggests that these lights hit all these marks with their functional design and reliable performance.

Does the Cygolite Metro Plus 800 come with a USB charging option?

Yes, the set includes a micro USB charging cable making the recharge process easy and convenient. Users enjoy the convenience of plugging the lights into any standard USB port, negating the need for separate charging equipment or disposable batteries.

What is the charging time for the Hotshot Pro 150 rear light?

Cyclists appreciate that the Hotshot Pro 150 back light does not take too long to charge. With the included micro USB cable, it typically reaches a full charge within a reasonable timeframe. Complete charging does not usually take up an entire night, meaning you can easily charge it during your workday or overnight for the next ride.