Kryptonite Comet F100 R100 Review: Top Safety Pick?

Navigating the urban jungle at night calls for safety measures that make you stand out in the bustling city life. The Kryptonite Comet F100 and R100 light set steps up to the plate, offering much more than just illumination. Whether you’re a commuter dodging traffic or a trail rider after sunset, these lights promise to make you visible without weighing you down.

With a snug fit on various handlebars and seat posts, these lights are fuss-free to attach, thanks to their tool-free strap-and-clip system. The sturdy aluminum body not only withstands everyday knocks but keeps the lights cool, displaying Kryptonite’s commitment to durable design. The choice of a high steady or medium flash mode allows for adaptability depending on the time of day or conditions you’re riding in.

Kryptonite Bike Lights

While the longevity of these lights is noticeable, with extended runtimes that span up to 61 hours, battery replacement is a breeze, ensuring you’re not left in the dark when you need them most. With a water-resistant IP65 rating, they laugh in the face of adverse weather, ready to join you on many rides to come.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been on the hunt for a reliable lighting solution for your biking adventures, the Kryptonite Comet F100 and R100 set is a strong contender. Packed with features to keep you seen and safe, these lightweight, long-lasting lights are a solid investment for peace of mind on the road.

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Ready to brighten your path and boost your safety? Illuminate your ride with the Kryptonite Comet Light Set.

Illuminate Your Ride: An Overview of the Kryptonite Bike Lights

If you’re in the market for bike lights that increase your visibility on the road, the Kryptonite lights might catch your eye. They’re designed with aluminum housing to keep them cool during your nighttime adventures. Their light weight at just 24 grams each makes them hardly noticeable when installed on your bike. You’ll find the tool-free strap-n-clip system a breeze for snapping the lights onto various parts of your bike without fuss. Both lights offer a substantial battery life that ensures you’re seen by others for the long haul, especially with over 60 hours of runtime on some settings.

While the lights are fantastic for making sure others notice you, it’s worth noting that they’re not the best if you need to illuminate the path ahead in pitch darkness at high speeds. They’re more of “be seen” lights rather than “see your way” lights. Users have shared mixed feelings about batteries; some encountered dead batteries upon arrival, while others noted the lights tend to consume new batteries quickly. Despite such issues, their durability in different weather conditions has been a plus, keeping them shining through cold and rain. However, a few users did report inconsistent performance from the rear light, which can be concerning for safety.

In essence, while these compact lights are a good value and generally reliable for visibility, checking and possibly replacing the batteries before setting off is advisable. They’re not your spotlight in the dark but could be just the right companions for those well-lit evening rides.

Bright and Long Lasting: Illumination to Depend On

When you’re cycling, whether cruising through the city or taking on country roads, having reliable lights can make all the difference. The Kryptonite Comet F100 and R100 light set won’t leave you in the dark, with some impressive run times. You’ll benefit from 61 hours of visibility on Medium Flash mode for the front light, which, considering the ease of installation, means more time spent riding and less fiddling with equipment. Both the front and rear lights are tested to the FL-1 Standard, ensuring a bright 30Lux/1m output.

Yet, not all is perfect. Some users have mentioned that while these lights enhance your visibility to others, the front light might not be sufficient to light up unlit paths if you’re going at speed. Also, a few mentions of the lights coming with dead batteries suggest a possible inconvenience.

But here’s a positive spin: they’re a breeze to attach to your bike. Users appreciate the simple strap-n-clip system that doesn’t require an engineering degree to figure out. Their durability is also praised; the aluminum body stands up to the elements and the IP65 water resistance rating means you’re good to go, rain or shine.

Be mindful, though, about their appetite for batteries. There have been rare instances of the lights using up batteries quickly, so you might want to keep spares handy.

Overall, the Kryptonite set positions itself as a solid choice for those wanting straightforward, reliable bike lights that keep you seen without breaking the bank.

Effortless Mounting: Strap in Seconds

Getting your bike ready for a night ride should be hassle-free, and with the Kryptonite Bike Lights, it really is. The lights come equipped with a strap-n-clip system that is designed to be tool-free. This means you can fasten the lights onto your bike in just a few seconds. Whether you’re clipping the Front (F100) or Rear (R100) lights, the flexible strap is built to latch on securely to various parts of your bicycle, from handlebars to seat posts.

You don’t need to be handy with tools or waste time fiddling with complicated mounts. This simplicity is particularly useful if you’re frequently switching them between bikes, or if you need to remove the lights to prevent theft when you park your bike in public areas. Plus, their durable and lightweight construction ensures that once they’re on, they stay on, providing you safety without dragging you down.

Built to Last: Durable and Lightweight

When considering bike lights, longevity is as crucial as brightness. The Kryptonite Comet set offers both, constructed with a robust aluminum housing that not only withstands the rigors of daily use but also manages heat efficiently, keeping the LEDs cool. This sturdiness ensures the lights are a reliable companion on your rides, while also being incredibly lightweight at just over 2 ounces each.

One standout feature is the ease of installation. You’ll appreciate the tool-free strap-n-clip system that makes attaching or detaching the lights a breeze, whether you’re switching between bikes or storing them after a ride. The universal fit caters to various bar and post sizes, making this set versatile for different bike types.

Although compact, these lights don’t compromise on water resistance. Rated at IP65, they stand up well against the elements, so you won’t be let down by a bit of rain. But do keep in mind that while they’re durable, they’re not invincible, so treat them with care for the longest life.

This combination of durability and lightweight design positions the Kryptonite Comet set as a practical choice for those seeking dependable, easy-to-carry bike lights.

Water-Resistant Wonders: Ride in Any Weather

You’ll never let a bit of rain dampen your mood or your cycling plans with Kryptonite’s bike light set. What makes these lights a must-have is their reliable water-resistant design. They’ve mastered the art of balancing durability with a lightweight build. Weighing a mere 24 grams each, sturdiness is not sacrificed, thanks to the aluminum housing, which efficiently dissipates heat and stands up to wet conditions.

Riding through a drizzly evening or a damp morning, the lights keep shining brightly with their long-lasting battery life—up to 61 hours, to be exact. Their ease of installation is a real plus; with a tool-free strap-n-clip system, you can snap them on or off your bike in no time. Whether you’re cruising city streets or hitting the trails, these lights’ memory function will remember your preferred settings, adding convenience to your ride.

Remember, despite the lights’ water resistance, they are not invincible to all the elements. Take care when riding in extreme weather. But, for those typical rainy commutes and misty rides, your journey can remain safely illuminated without a worry.

Pros and Cons


When considering Kryptonite’s Comet F100 and R100 bike lights set, you’ll appreciate the extended run times, with the front light boasting up to 61 hours and the rear light up to 55 hours, ensuring you stay visible during long rides. The inclusion of varied lighting modes, which include High Steady and Medium Flash, cater to different riding conditions and preferences, and the memory function is a handy touch.

The ease of installation is a standout feature; the tool-free strap-n-clip system means you can attach or detach the lights swiftly without any fuss, suitable for busy cyclists. Also, the lights are known for their durability with a robust aluminum body, making them a solid investment. They are also water-resistant and lightweight, ideal for riders who face diverse weather conditions. Plus, the brand reputation of Kryptonite spans over 50 years, depicting reliability in their products.


On the flip side, some users have mentioned that the brightness may not be sufficient for poorly lit paths or fast riding, indicating that while the lights improve visibility to others, they may not always light up the road ahead effectively. There have been inconsistencies with battery life, with a few reports of the lights draining batteries quickly, leaving room for potential inconvenience during longer trips.

Customers have noted instances of receiving the lights with dead batteries, which certainly detracts from the initial experience. Also, a minor setback is that these lights rely on button cell batteries, which might not be as convenient as USB charging options available in other models. Lastly, there have been instances where customer support did not meet expectations, with some users citing a lack of response from the manufacturer regarding their concerns.

What Cyclists Say: Customer Reviews

Cyclists who’ve picked up the Kryptonite bike lights generally find them to be a solid choice for visibility. The ease of installing these lights is frequently mentioned, with users appreciating the straightforward attachment process. If you’re seeking added visibility for those well-lit pathway rides, these lights come across as a reliable companion.

However, they’re not without their quirks. Some users have noted that for serious night riding, the lights might not offer the powerful beam needed for spotting obstacles at high speeds. There’s a common theme among a few reviews concerning the battery life; a handful of users were disappointed with receiving dead batteries upon purchase, and some have experienced rapid battery depletion.

On the upside, the durability of the lights gets the nod, with several users mentioning successful rides in challenging weather conditions without any issues. The lights are described as decently bright by many, but if you’re venturing into dark, unlit trails, you might want to supplement these with a more potent light source. Despite a couple of mixed experiences with customer support, the overall sentiment leans towards the Kryptonite light set being a value-for-money choice for casual cycling needs.

Safety in Simplicity: Lighting Up the Path Ahead

Ensuring you’re visible on dimly lit roads can be stress-free with a reliable set of bike lights that prioritize ease of use and straightforward functionality. The Kryptonite Comet lights are your companions in low visibility conditions, without overwhelming you with complicated settings. You get two modes: a steady high beam and a medium flash, so you can adjust based on your needs with a simple click.

The aluminum housing is not just tough; it also helps keep the lights cool, ensuring both durability and safety during prolonged use. Their water-resistant nature means they’re dependable, even when weather conditions are less than perfect. They stay true to their purpose, and at a lightweight 24 grams each, they’re unnoticeable until you need them.

Given the importance of a hassle-free ride, their tool-free strap system is a highlight. You can easily attach or remove the lights to any bike, which is especially convenient if you’re switching between bikes or need to remove them quickly for any reason. The ease of installation and the long battery life—an impressive 61 hours on medium flash mode—means your path ahead is illuminated without the need for constant adjustments or changes.

While users report their visible presence on known trails and roads, it’s worth noting that these lights aren’t built to turn night into day. They’re there to make sure others see you, not necessarily to light up every obstacle on a high-speed trail. However, if visibility and simplicity are your key concerns, these lights score well on providing just that, making your ride safer and letting you focus on the journey.


Wrapping up, the Kryptonite bike lights set is a mixed bag. On one hand, mounting these lights is quick and hassle-free, making them a solid choice for riders who appreciate convenience. The rubber strap design is particularly well-received, ensuring the lights stay put even on rough rides. They’re not the powerhouse of illumination some might hope for, but they excel at making you visible to others, which is their primary job.

It’s not perfect though—there are reports of these lights being quite the battery guzzlers, which could be a letdown if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option. Also, some users have experienced issues with the rear light’s reliability during rides. And, while many users report satisfactory brightness, if you’re looking to light up a dark path for a high-speed adventure, they might not meet your expectations. It’s wise to couple these with a stronger headlamp if you’re a night rider.

If you need a budget-friendly, easy-to-install option that does the job of keeping you visible, this set could be a good pickup. Just be prepared to invest in some extra batteries, and maybe keep them as your secondary light set for added safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering an addition to your cycling gear, you might have some questions about how these lights will suit your rides, their durability, and overall performance. Let’s dive into some common queries cyclists have about these bike lights.

How do the Kryptonite Comet F100 R100 lights perform in terms of brightness and visibility?

With a brightness level that has been tested to the FL-1 Standard, resulting in 30Lux/1m for both the front and rear lights, the Kryptonite Comet set is designed to ensure you’re seen rather than to light up the road. Users find them suitable for visibility in areas that are already well-lit, but they may not be the best for illuminating dark paths at high speeds.

Can the Kryptonite Comet bike lights be easily mounted and removed?

These lights boast a user-friendly installation process. Their multi-fit tool-free strap-n-clip system is praised for its ease, allowing you to quickly attach or detach the lights from your handlebars, seat post, or frame without any hassle. This feature makes the lights quite convenient for those who need to remove them often.

Are the lights designed to be weather-resistant for all-season cycling?

Yes, the aluminum housing and water-resistant design help the lights withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for all-season use. They’re built to endure the elements, which riders appreciate when cycling in unpredictable weather.

What is the battery life and recharge time for these Kryptonite bike lights?

The front light can run up to 61 hours on Medium Flash and 57 hours on High Steady, while the rear light can last up to 36 hours on Medium Flash and 55 hours on High Steady. These durations are based on the type of settings you use. The lights use easily available CR2032 3v batteries, which are included in the purchase, and their replacement is straightforward.

Do the Kryptonite Comet F100 R100 offer different lighting modes for various riding conditions?

Absolutely! The front and rear lights offer High Steady and Medium Flash modes, accompanied by a memory function that remembers your last setting. This feature gives you the flexibility to switch between modes depending on the riding conditions, offering better visibility for both daytime and nighttime cycling.

Is there a significant difference between the Kryptonite Comet lights and other similar priced options?

The Kryptonite Comet set stands out for its solid build and durability. While they might not be the brightest compared to some alternatives, they offer great reliability for being seen, which is critical for safety. They have a mid-range visibility level, so if you’re looking for a more intense illumination, you might consider higher-priced models. However, for their cost, many users find these to be a worthy investment for added visibility and safety on the road.