Make your commute smarter.


Made for Eclipse+

The Revolights app is the perfect compan­ion for Eclipse+. The app pairs with the lights via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Smarter Lights

With the app you can take full control of your lights, from live battery status to turn signals, ride tracking and auto on/off.

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Available for Android and iOS

Auto on/off

Your lights auto­mat­ically turn on when you need them to - like wh­en you are about to sta­rt a ride or when it gets dark.

Turn Signals

Eclipse+ features a first of its kind turn signal in­tegration, activated thr­ough the app, the incl­uded handlebar rem­ote or through upcoming ges­ture recognition.

Weather Alerts

The intelligent weather forecast helps remind you to bring a coat if it rains later or lets you know if it’ll be sunny for your ride.

Ride Tracking

Eclipse+ tracks your ride with high accuracy and will automatically provide you with ride data, such as speed and distance.


Eclipse+ helps you reach your riding goals by auto­mat­ically track­ing your rides and displaying your ach­ieve­ments.

Battery Status

The battery status is displayed in real-time and you'll receive alerts when the battery cha­rge is low.