Kryptonite Gravity


  • Description

    The Gravity Line bolts and skewers harness the power of gravity to prevent the removal of wheels - when the bike is upright, the bolts & skewers are locked and can only be unlocked with the bike turned upside down. No special keys required.

  • Specifications
    Fit: 3/8", M9, M10 / 130 & 150mm
    Weight: 80g per set / 120g per set
    Material: Weather protective coated metal
    Installation: 15mm wrench / 5mm hex key

easy to install & use

The Gravity Line skewers & nuts can be installed easily in place of existing skewers and nuts. They don't require any special keys, just a standard hex key or a wrench. A gravity pin is moved so that the nuts/skewer cannot be opened when the bike is upright. When the bike is turned upside down, the pin moves and the nuts/skewer can be loosened.

Solid Axle

The Gravity Line's WheelNutz are meant for solid axle wheels and come in M9, M10 and 3/8" diameters to fit all standard axle sizes. All that is needed for installation is a 15mm wrench. The WheelNutz are sold as sets for one wheel. Each set is lightweight at only 80g.

quick release

The Gravity Line's WheelBoltz are meant for hollow axle quick release wheels. The skewers come in industry standard lengths - 130mm for the front and 150mm for the back. The WheelBoltz are sold as a set for front and back wheel. Each set is lightweight at only 120g.